Portrait de Yvette Hénaut Alix

Version française

Yvette HÉNAUT-ALIX is an artist who does not paint daintily, but confidently pits her talent against nature and the elements, thereby revealing them to be in rude health on the canvas. This accords her an unquestionable personality, and obliges the eyes to revel in the multiple vibrant touches that shape her compositions. Although almost native in character, they are awarded a surprising assurance that is more frequently seen in abstract painters' works. But like nonfigurative creators, Yvette HÉNAUT-ALIX does not put up with reality's rigid appeal, and leaves the observer stunned by the brute strength that stirs the souls of her seascapes, landscapes and floral arrangements.
Home to surprising contrasts, her works are real curiosities: backgrounds are often fluid and light, and emanate a strange poetry that contrasts with the principal subject of the painting. The central motif on the other hand is powerfully worked with an assertive brushstroke, showing little concern for promoting a geometrically correct figurative, instead literally sculpting the matter with a sumptuous and bold pictorial vitality and an instinctive and dynamic sense of the motif or site.

André RUELLAN, art critic


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